Inhalation - babies and children

Children often suffer from annoying respiratory infections. The tenacious, viscous mucous then gives them a hard time.

In such situations inhalation is the preferred and proven treatment. If, for example, a cortisone-like agent or a bronchodilator should be prescribed by a doctor, a small dose thereof is sufficient. For decades, inhalation with jet nebulizers operated by electric compressors has proven to be particularly effective. The drug solution is then nebulized into very fine droplets; a drug aerosol is created which is inhaled, acting locally directly in the bronchi.

In the case of inhalation of saline solutions which are intended to care for, cleanse and soothe the mucous membranes, physiological saline solution (e.g. IsoFree®) is very well suited, as it is adapted to the natural salt content of the human body.