There are around 70,000 cystic fibrosis patients worldwide, a disproportionately large number - around 8,000 are affected by the incurable hereditary disease, cystic fibrosis in Germany.

Mucoviscidosis (Cystic Fibrosis = CF) is a congenital, rare metabolic disorder.
Symptoms of the respiratory tract
The persons affected suffer primarily from symptoms affecting the respiratory tract.
Constant coughing to get rid of viscous mucus, shortness of breath, recurrent infections and pneumonia torment those afflicted.
To alleviate these symptoms, several forms of therapy may help.

Inhalation therapy
A very important therapeutic option for mucoviscidosis is regular inhalation.
When active ingredients are inhaled, they end up exactly where they can unfold their effect quickly - in the lungs.
Thus, side effects are less severe and patients require lower doses of the drug substance to achieve the desired relief.

Various inhalation systems are available for inhalation therapy.
Medication to dissolve mucus, dilate the airways and antibiotics are preferred for inhalation.

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