Inhalation - prevention and effect

Inhalation therapy - prevention

Inhalation is already a very useful preventive measure. The mucous membranes are humidified in the process, which in turn supports the protective and self-cleansing process of the respiratory tract. This may already be implemented as a preventive measure as protection against colds and pulmonary disorders.

For preventive purposes inhalation or rinsing the nose with saline solutions (e.g. IsoFree®) is recommended.

To do so, isotonic inhalation solutions with a salt content of 0.9 % (e.g. IsoFree®) and hypertonic salt solutions with a salt content of 3 % and 6% (e.g. sodium chloride solution 3 % / 6%) are available. Isotonic salt solutions primarily humidify the respiratory tract - hypertonic salt solutions promote the natural protective function of the respiratory tract, enhancing secretion mobilization - the higher the salt content, the stronger the effect achieved.

Inhalation therapy - effect

Depending on the type of inhalation chosen and applied, the following effects can be achieved:

•    The respiratory tract is moistened
•    The cramped bronchial musculature is relaxed
•    Secretion is loosened, liquefies and can therefore be coughed up more easily
•    Relief of the swollen and inflamed bronchial mucosa
•    Anti-inflammatory effect
•    Pathogens are "flushed out" before they settle and cause disease